We are
and our
 reflect that principle.

Our Core Values:

We are strongly committed to assimilating our core values into our culture. Employee performance appraisals incorporate an assessment of an individual's demonstration of core values and technical abilities. It is expected that the leaders of our company manifest these core values and serve as effective role models.

Five CORE VALUES constitute the foundation of our culture:
  • Customer First:     Putting  the customer's interests at the forefront of our actions.
  • Integrity:              Treating people honestly, fairly, and respectfully.
  • Professionalism:   Having the commitment and dedication to being the best at what we do.
  • Innovation:           Thinking of ways of doing things better by doing them differently   
  •                               and having the courage to overcome the resistance to change.
  • Teamwork:            Trusting in one another and working together as a better way of
  •                               achieving our common objectives.

As a company, the people of eVETS are committed to these core values and creating a culture that both empowers and enables us to make a difference and, in so doing, gain a sense of ownership in what we do. We have a cadre of highly competent and committed employees striving to make our vision reality. I invite you to review the pages of our website to gain a further understanding of the energies and capabilities of our people in their pursuit of building a company of excellence. Please be assured of our continuing commitment to making eVETS worthy of being your vendor, business partner, teammate, or employer.