Accurate and reliable data lies at the core of each vital business process, and is essential for mission-critical operations, regulatory compliance, risk management and performance measurement. The concept is simple: Make the right decisions at the right time.  Delivering on this premise is considerably more challenging than the end result would imply on the surface.

Data management is result of the proper blend of technology expertise, business acumen, innovation  and professional discipline. Our holistic approach follows the transformation of raw data into actionable information  and accounts for the entire life cycle of data and data-related events involving people, processes and systems.
Data Governance eVETS assists our clients in building the proper framework for privacy, compliance, confidentiality and security and to assess progress against the appropriate maturity model. A comprehensive framework will encompass all policies, procedures, processes, systems and infrastructure. We work with the client's team to develop internal controls, monitoring mechanisms, auditing and reporting tools. We will help establish an appropriate governance organization consisting of applicable steering committees, executive sponsors and agile working groups to address emerging issues.

Data Architecture -  We assist our clients in maximizing the usability of information. An architecture is established to address  accessibility, storage, retrieval, archiving, data and information redundancy. We address how data is created, altered,  retained, retired and consumed. 

Master Data Management (MDM)  - We assist our clients in the development and execution of a strategy to manage master data. This includes identifying the sources of master data and identifying redundancies, anomalies and inconsistencies. We collaborate with the client's team to map data production through consumption and produce a master data model, define master data sources to current sources, map master data to current uses, and to apply rules established by data governance policies. We help select the right tools to  consolidate  data according to user defined business rules. Our consultants are familiar with industry-standard toolsets and can make validated master data available to a wide range of enterprise applications, such as ERP, CRM,  analytical tools, data warehouses, and other application systems

Data Quality and Integrity - We can help establish and/or enhance  overall  data quality management strategy is important to maintain accuracy, completeness, the ability to enrich data value and maintain integrity with respect to interdependencies with other internal and external data

Business Intelligence and Analytics -eVETS professionals can help realize the full potential of data by leveraging top industry recognized BI platforms. We can provide assistance with  data visualization, dashboards, planning, predictive analytics, business performance and OLAP.