eVETS provides strategic value to organizations in the process of enhancing their enterprise architecture. We offer a full range of enterprise architecture services, from strategy consulting through final implementation:

Strategy Consulting - eVETS helps customers align their business strategy to the appropriate enterprise architecture by identifying key business drivers and translating them to a technology blueprint. This strategic plan can be expanded to include data and application architectures as well. After defining requirements, eVETS maps them to various technical paths and organizational models to develop a strategic vision for enterprise computing. Typically, the strategy identifies the current and likely future requirements for the enterprise architecture, technical and organizational issues that must be addressed to optimize performance, and the approach for enhancements to support business needs.

Architecture DesigneVETS then translates the enterprise architecture strategy into technical design requirements. We assess the economics of established versus emerging technologies, adjusted for technical and market risks. The proposed architecture is usually presented as both a conceptual and physical model that optimizes performance. Performance is measured by factors such as investment expense, operating cost, system availability, and the degree to which the enterprise architecture can support both existing business strategy and be adapted to sustain emerging trends.

Operational AssessmenteVETS conducts both audit and risk studies that include a comprehensive analysis of capacity, performance levels, and contingency and security plans. We then use these assessments to identify various technical and organizational issues, rank those issues, and propose mitigation strategies.

Implementation - We can support implementation engagements from providing expert advice to customers throughout implementation, to managing detailed migration and roll-out strategies on your behalf.

At eVETS, our team of industry and technical consultants works closely with our clients to prove how rapidly they can move from evaluating the potential of business process transformation to realizing business value through process improvements, cost reduction and revenue growth.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) -  Through careful analysis of the business, eVETS  helps our clients to determine how best to partition business  processes so that they are exposed as services in an SOA. With a thorough assessment of their system portfolio, a company can make informed decisions on the best approach for an SOA roadmap, which platforms to keep, which to replace. Appreciating the complexity facing companies, eVETS can:

  • 1) Assess the current readiness of the staff, technology, and process in the enterprise for SOA adoption
  • 2) Strategically plan for SOA through development of a roadmap
  • 3) Develop an Enterprise Architecture that incorporates SOA principles