Federal Government agencies, state governments, local municipalities and corporate businesses share some common business technology drivers. They face unprecedented pressures. They have to do more with less. Governments face mounting program costs due to an aging population plus a vacuum of knowledge left by a vast retiring workforce. 

State and local government entities must balance the need for reducing costs and and responding to increased demands for services. Private companies are challenged to meet the demand to streamline business processes and more effectively leverage technology to reduce overhead costs and increase productivity.

In addition, corporations must comply with an increasing number of regulatory requirements. Also, both consumers and corporate customers demand more value for their purchases and investments.


There are a myriad of issues to contend with:


  • Implementation of new security requirements.
  • The need to reduce costs while proividng greater customer value.
  • Replacement of aging technology infrastructures.
  • Ever increasing demands for multi-channel services.
  • Fewer resources to get the job done as workforces are reduced.
  • Increased global competition and influence.
  • The need to keep pace with new laws and regulations, or implement them.
  • Increased competition for new business.
  • Need for new, more complex security programs and systems.