eVETS program and project management professionals have built SEI CMM Level 3 processes, procedures, and project teams and are experienced with industry recognized methodologies based on standards from the Software Engineering Institute, Project Management Institute and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

SEI CMM Level 3 certified organizations create project management offices that support a commonly understood and thoroughly communicated solution that enables the delivery of predictable outcomes.  Our Projects have  key management controls incorporated into their governance process.  Realistic project commitments are established from experience and  results observed on previous projects.

We work with our clients to identify program structure, assign roles and responsibilities, and establish program objectives. We define the program life cycle and develop an integrated master schedule, a continuous quality improvement plan, a risk-management plan, and a communications plan designed  to promote proactive feedback.  We work with you to develop mission-focused performance metrics and utilize industry standard tools to address program planning, accountability, reporting and transparency.

Project managers track software development costs, schedules, and functionality; and problems in meeting commitments are identified when they arise. Requirements and the artifacts developed to satisfy them are baselined and their integrity is controlled. Project standards are defined, and the organization ensures they are faithfully followed.